Whats the HEALTHIEST choice in a Chinese Resturant?!?!

Question: Whats the HEALTHIEST choice in a Chinese Resturant?!?
This friday i am going to a Chinese Resturant with my freidns-long story short I dont wanna gain weight. I have been successful so far (cross-fingers) and I dont wanna ruin it on one day. I usually eat healthy all the time-Im going paranoid over this silly thing. Becuase Chinese is my favorite food and I used to order the fried shrimp and almond chicken and rice...I know thats bad NOW.

My question: whats the best dish to order at a Chinese resturant to not gaint weight and stay healthy. AND ANY TIPS?

Second question: will occasianlly eating out ruin my diet completly?


Nothing in moderation will ruin your diet completely! Moderation is the most important thing.

In a Chinese restaurant, steer clear of: anything fried, anything in brown sauce, anything in sweet & sour sauce, most things on the appetizer menu (fried fried fried) including spare ribs (fatty fatty fatty). Noodle dishes and fried rice are most often cooked with a LOT of oil, plus they're simple carbs, so those go, too. Also avoid anything "crispy" (it's fried), including the crispy noodles they may provide as a snack, with soup, or with chow mein.

Good things to order:
Wonton soup (broth-based with boiled pork dumplings)
Steamed dumplings (veg or chicken is better than pork)
Fresh spring rolls, not fried
Steamed buns
Moo goo gai pan (chicken with mushrooms and vegetables in a white sauce)
Mixed Chinese vegetable (ask for white instead of brown sauce if it comes with brown)
Brown rice rather than white rice or fried rice, if they have it

Look for things that are steamed or roasted as key words to the lower-cal menu items. Also, ask for your food to be made without MSG and with only a small amount of oil. Most restaurants will be happy to oblige.

I would see if they have an online menu that you can look at to narrow your choices. Steamed vegetables and steamed rice with sauce on the side is always good. Or you can ask for steamed seafood or sauteed chicken. The sauce on the side is key. Also tofu is good as long as it isnt fried. Usually chinese restaurants will cook it how you ask for it. And no occasionally eating out will not ruin your diet. You should allow yourself a treat at least once a week! Whatever it may be. Eating at a restaurant, or your favorite food or dessert.

Asian food in general is very healthy.

Avoid the fattyer meats such as duck or pork. Go for seafood or beef. Avoid food that is deep fried. 90% of Asian food is healthy.

2ndly, no, eating out won't destroy your diet, you just need to be intelligent about what you order. Most menu's these days do have healthy options on it.

sweet and sour veg soup.

nothing will ruin your diet if it's occasional.

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