What is Australian food to you?!

Question: What is Australian food to you?
This is for non Australian people, we all know certain nationalities have there own food styles (Chinese - Sweet and Sour, Indian - Curry, American - Burgers and Fries etc.) but what would people from overseas expect from Australian cuisine?


Cangaroes!!! >=D

It was my impression that Aussies have much the same cuisine as the British, but if I'm wrong I'd like to learn.
For example, burgers and fries are not what I would think of first for american cuisine. Although we didn't invent it, the US has perfected and become famous for barbeque more than any other nation. And that kind of heartland cusine-fried chicken, baked ham, cornbread, biscuits, meatloaf, casseroles-is what I think of when I think of american food.

First of all, I'm Aussie.
What's considered an Aussie food is Kangaroo meat (yum), damper (native aboriginal type of bread),
"Banga's and Mash" (Although not truly Aussie food, it still is common. It is sausages and mashed potato.)
Roo and damper are the only true Aussie food as I know of, Australian cuisine is more of make it up as you go along, a dish served with whatever that goes good with something else, totally experimental.


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