Whats the best type of sauce to use on seafood pasta?!

Question: Whats the best type of sauce to use on seafood pasta?
i want to make seafood pasta with shrimp and mussels bt i dnt know what kind of sause that would go best with it help!


scampi: butter ,parmasan cheese and garlic with parsley and lemon
alfredo: cream, parmasan cheese, garlic
newberg: butter, wine, pepper, lemon
creole sauce: tomatoes, green peppers, onion, sauteed in butter, and seasoned with cajun seasoning

If you are using shrimp or crab I would go with a creamy alfredo sauce, with a dash of white wine. In my experience, a hearty tomato sauce goes well with clams and mussels. Really depends on what type of seafood is in the pasta.

Hope I helped. :)

I don't know that there's a "best" sauce for seafood pasta, but here are lots of possibilities:

I would make a white seafood sauce, that is, a white sauce with minced seafood in it

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