What makes food taste nice.?!

Question: What makes food taste nice.?
Is it more to do with the smell of the food, or what it tastes like from the tongue or even what the food looks like?


when eating food, it is the only activity that uses all the senses, taste, touch, sight, smell, hearing. you need to combine all of these to make food flavorful and enjoyable to eat, an example is a great meal will look good, taste good, feels nice in you mouth, you can smell the dish and you can hear the crunch, think about when you eat raw carrots you hear the crunch and you know it is good, imagine if you ate a raw carrot and there was no crunch that would be awful.

It is usually a balance of seasonings, and fats. Fats usually add to flavor, and they enhance whatever seasonings are already in the dish. Seasonings are typically what get different results. They are adjustable in your recipes, so that you can get the desired effect that you are looking for. The aromas from food are ok to go by, but they can be deceptive at times. I've had a few dishes that smelled great but were really missing flavor when tasted. It's all about developing your palate, and learning what foods and seasonings taste like. Then being able to balance those according to what you are looking for.

10+ years in different commercial upscale kitchens.

Taste is a matter of using what you or family/guests like...and preference. I try to cook healthy with Garlic as its very good for you, but some do not like the after taste and the smell. Garlic has so many health good things.
Ginger also has a unique taste but do not use too much. Good for stomach.
Onions again not every ones taste...some are strong some are slight in taste...much benefits for health again. You can look these up on line. I also use a combination of sweet and sour...
of course colour makes a difference and presentation as any cook will tell you..
Some just bash it together for quickness....not the art of cooking! Take care in preparation and like an artist think of colour and taste....also setting out plays a part. Cook from the heart and use ingredients that suit your mood or your guests ...peppers add colour and taste.The list is endless so experiment and above all enjoy the taste...its a gift.

I have found out I can cook by trial and error but not an expert....so still learning.

Foods tastes nice based on the spices used. The smell can be great and eye appealing as well however when it hits your tongue and those spices marry very well together, that's when you can say, this is good foods. When you season food very well and know how to combine spices, you're in for a sweet treat....happy eating


It is a combination of satisfaction of all senses: smell, taste, what it looks like, the colours, its textures, and of course the "ambience", like the company you're with...


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