Filipino food, what do you recommend?!

Question: Filipino food, what do you recommend?
I've tried couple of dishes at a friends house. But about to go to Filipino restaurant for the first time. What beginners dishes do you recommend? Don't need to be that simple. I've eaten a lot of Asian cuisine.


I was happy when I saw this question! I always have friends over and they love Filipino food! I would recommend lumpia, embutido, pinapaitan, and chicken adobo. For desserts and sweets, go with enseymada ube. You can also try more things with ube. Enjoy your Filipino dishes!


I like caldereta (kaldereta), mechado (mitsado), or afritada (apritada). These are all tomato-based stews in the Spanish-style, with various meats and veggies. Kare-kare is also very good, it is a type of beef stew with a peanut-based sauce. Of course you must try their pancit of some variety (I like bihon). Adobo is the clicheed beginner's choice, but it is rarely very interesting or exciting.

Chicken Adobo is always a good choice.

Try siopao. It's my husband's favorite.

pinakbet, chicken adobo, pininyahang manok, lagat.

lumpia. My friend cooks me this every time I visit her.

i would say u ask a guy if he has any buto or puto cause then you might be able to order it

hope u like my ANSWER

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