It is ok to eat sushi with your hands?!

Question: It is ok to eat sushi with your hands?
i am going to a sushi restaurant with my parents, but i want to eat the sushi with my damn hands Not with chopsticks because it is annoying


We japanese used to eat it with our hands ... until at least some 40 years ago when eating with chopsticks were frowned upon) but then gradually, more people (particularly women) began to use chopsticks.
Anyway, sushi was supposed to be eaten with our hands formerly in Japan.

Sushi is created to eat with the hand. THe seaweed is used to wrap around rice so when you pick it up, it won't stick to your hands.

good eats (food network)

That would be awkward if everyone was using chopsticks & you're just eating with your fingers like you're at McDonalds.

I EAT SUSHI alwais with the fork!!! =))
here there are giapanise restaurant wit chopstic and fork

Its quite embarrasing and people will think that you dont have manners. Its better to use chopsticks.

You can always eat it with your hands, that's what I do.

Yes, it is , If you want.

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