Does anyone have a good main dish recipe using zucchini?!

Question: Does anyone have a good main dish recipe using zucchini?
Besides succotash and besides soups. I'd like to find a meal that has a lot of vegetables, but it doesnt have to be vegetarian.


You can do a vegetable lasagna. You can substitute the noodles with planks of zucchini and add spinach to the ricotta/egg mixture. This bumps up the vegetable content and decreases the refined carbohydrates (noodles). You can use meat in the sauce or not. I would personally use ground turkey.

That was the first thing that came to mind. Good luck in your search!………

Here are alot of recipes using zuchini…

Here ya go:…

You can use the onion Fried zucchini, or use tofu stir-fry, are very delicious, I've eaten.

Ratatouille or squash casserole

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