Do you have to cook sucuk?!

Question: Do you have to cook sucuk?
Sucuk is the beef garlic sausage from Turkey, but do you have to grill or fry it before eating or can you eat it as is like chorizo?


It is usually smoked, so if it is, it is safe to eat, since it is already cooked by smoking. If it's fresh (unsmoked), then you have to cook it.

No! You don't need to cook it. When my Turkish/Kurdish step-son was getting married, his real mother and several other family members stayed stayed with me. She came into the kitchen when I was making breakfast for the '5 thousand'. I offered her a slice of sucuk. She refused and said, 'I'll wait till it's cooked.' I heated it up in scrambled egg for a few seconds, and then she ate it. I don't call that 'cooking it'.

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