How can you possibly like salt and vinegar crisps / chips?!

Question: How can you possibly like salt and vinegar crisps / chips?
they taste vile, yet most girls i know seem to love them :S... weird


Do you like bananas? Well, I hate them. I will not eat any kind od banana what soever or any thing with banana/s. My mom like bananas. My point? People are allowed to like different foods. Just because you don't like a food does not mean everyone else has not like it to.

I feel you, bud. I don't know how, I mean vinegar in general makes me want to puke and ugh those chips are terrible

Vinegar suckssss

The acidity is addicting,I dont really know haha.

How can you not like them? There's no taste to dislike.

Because they're awesome! It's salty and sour all bunched up in a chip. Who wouldn't love it?

they r delish and so r dill pickle mm im hungry now

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