What is your favorite flavor of Ramen Noodles?!

Question: What is your favorite flavor of Ramen Noodles?

Roast beef mixed with doritos

Wow, chicken, beef ....Boring.
All of you guys need to go to a real asian grocery and pick up what the asians eat.
I love mostly korean ramen, shin ra-myun, neo-guri, chappagetti, Sapporo Ichiban (japanese) and hundreds more, you can get them on-line also so theres no excuse if you don't have an asian market nearby.....theres a whole world of premium ramen. Stop eating Cup-o-noodles, Nissin Top ramen, Maruchan, YUK! totally flavorless.

ah...the ramen! How I used to looooove them soooo much! :3
but once I found out they are HIGH in sodium and not that great...I gave up on them and forgot about them. Its good to walk down memory lane again. Lets see here...I have to say..
Thats the best one!!!!! I mean, it cant compare to the beef flvour at all! Or the original, or shrimp...or ANY other flavour.
Its creamy.
Its chicken.
Its both.


I like the oriental flavor one and mushroom flavor is a second favorite

Beef, though i like to dump a bunch of soy sauce on them. When i have enough time i make this elaborate pan fried noodles thing

My favorite is raspberry ripple 2 nd best rhubarb Now where is ramens noddles did ramen eat them all up. what a lot of silly answers chicken creamy chicken roast beef who dreams this stuff up.

Chicken... I can't seem to eat any other flavor...

Creamy chicken !




spicy shrimp but they all taste similar to me

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