Is selling chips at school a good idea?!

Question: Is selling chips at school a good idea?
I no don't do it could get in trouble blah blah but I wondering is it okay money or would I make more selling gum or what? About how much would I make with gum, chips and alternative methods any advice is appreciated


When i was in middle school, i used to sell soda. But that was 10 years ago. You shouldnt really sell chips because people always want different ones that you might have a limited amount of. You should buy whats most kid's favorite at the school vending machine and sell a lot of it

that luna person is such a p%$$y chips are amazing she must be a vegetarian or somthing or a health nazi

Chips are bad for health, and there are too many overweight teens.
You'd make more money selling gum or fruit or Pokemon cards!!!

You may be allowed to sell them at school and be able to make a few $'s. but it will depend on your price, and how much effort you put into the selling.

if u decide to sell chips dont forget the DORITOS :)

ur mom

best idea, ever.

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