What is most delicious food(Not Fastfood)?!

Question: What is most delicious food(Not Fastfood)?

Most Italian food -- authentic, of course.

Anything picked perfectly ripe from my own garden. I have eaten on several continents and in many fine restaurants and was sous chef in one of the most expensive restaurants in the San Fransisco area.

There is nothing more delicious than a ripe apricot just pulled off my tree, firm fragrant and sweet and sour and still warm from the sun. I also love cucumbers picked in the cool of the morning.

If you are ever near an artichoke plant cut some off and boil them right away and I mean the sooner the better. You will be blown away.


A Japanese dish called Sukiyaki is my favorite. It's a hotpot full of delicious veggies and meat, mixed in a sauce. Yummm.

Vegan foods. Fresh veggies and fruit.

@Amber - Really? You eat that? Corpse Muncher!!!!

Meat loaf

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