Can natto be made with other beans?!

Question: Can natto be made with other beans?
other than soybeans? Would it have the same healthful properties? TIA.


I don't think natto is made with other beans because soy beans contain so much good proteins in it as against all other beans.
For your information, the link below is good source of what is good about soy beans.
Natto is one of indispensable daily food at our home. Hope you enjoy it too.…

A native

No, it can't. Natto is a fermented soybean made from boiled soybeans and active bacteria. It has many health benefits including reducing high blood pressure and dissolving harmful blood clots.

More on natto here…

Japan Australia Blog…

No, soybeans have different nutrients from other beans.

No we can't make it with something other than bean.

No i don't think so something other will work the same.

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