Me and a few friends are going for a Chinese, 1 friend doesn't like the food, will he be aloud to sit with us?!

Question: Me and a few friends are going for a Chinese, 1 friend doesn't like the food, will he be aloud to sit with us?
will he have to pay?


A few friends and I are going. Is it allowed?

Firstly you'll find very few restaurants who allow customers to bring their own food due to them having to pay overheads for those who buy their food so taking up an empty seat and not paying costs them. Secondly they don't want food coming in that may be contaminated with ecoli or Salmonella for which they get the blame. Neither do they want people coming in criticising their food. The solution is a matter of choices and here they are.

1 He doesnt come and you met him later
2 You go somewhere else, but then another friend may not like that place.
3 You tell the Chinese that he has special dietary needs and can only eat western food. I think you''ll find they will cater for him.

He sounds like he's using 'not liking the food' as an excuse not to pay. Don't Chinese sell Burger and Fries or is it one of those real posh ones. Anyway, I've never been to a Chinese Restaurant that doesn't sell something that everyone could eat.

Of course he'll be allowed. If not, mention that you're thinking of going elsewhere instead. The fact is the restaurant will be getting money from the paying majority of your group. They won't care about the fact that just one of you isn't paying.

Ask him to be quiet. Being a loud person in the Chinese really looks bad on the British.

Allow him in yes, but for crying out loud, keep him quiet.

Yes, he will be ALLOWED (not aloud) to sit with long as there is someone at the table ordering and paying, he can sit there - maybe he can buy a drink or something to buy something.

Yes, they as long as someone buys something

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