italian chicken sausage?!

Question: Italian chicken sausage?
Hi, I wanted to know if Italian Chicken sausage is spicy. I'm making some stuffed shells and it suggests that you put italian chicken sausage in them. I don't like spicy foods so I was wondering if it was spicy or not. I think i purchased some from trader joe's long ago (IT WAS SPICY!) but maybe I accidentally bought the spicy one...


Italian sausage can be labeled as regular or spicy, but isn't always. If you are buying it from a butcher shop, ask them. If you are buying a packaged brand hopefully they will have two kinds. If there is only one kind, check the ingredients for pepper or some sort. Otherwise, you just have to take your chances.

I've tried the Jenny-o Turkey Italian sausage and it's not too spicy. Maybe try that.

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