I found yellowfin tuna at my local grocery store - is it safe to consume raw?!

Question: I found yellowfin tuna at my local grocery store - is it safe to consume raw?
According to the packaging (although I trust what packages say about as far as I can throw them), the fish is frozen almost immediately after being caught, and should be fresh. That aside, I know that tuna is not required to be frozen before raw consumption, but I don't know if this applies to all strains of tuna.

I have everything I need for sushi except for the fish. Your advice?


If it has been frozen then it should be safe, the freezing will kill any parasites that could infect you.
Pelagic fishes, such as tuna probably have the least parasites. There have though been cases of people becoming infected with roundworms after eating raw Yellowfin tuna.



"...I recommend you stay away from packaged frozen fish, unless it is sold specifically as sushi grade."


Strains? You make tuna sound like a bacteria.... Hehe.. Kidding.

Sushi grade fish should be of the highest grade of freshness. It isn't the freezing that makes it "safe." It is the handling.

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