Chinese takeaway...??????!

Question: Chinese takeaway...??????
I love chinese and recently i've been ordering every other day!

I'm starting to feel like other food isn't good enough, I'm only satisfied when getting a chinese!

Any tips on how to stop the urge?! and what would happen if i had 1 everyday? Are they really that unhealthy?


yes its unhealthy. once a week is OK. its really fattening, so not good at all.

how about making your own chinese. get soem sweet adn sour sauce. rice. chicken/prawn. noodles.

Like make a chicken stir fry. prawns and rice.
chicken adn cashews
Noodle adn chicken wok
sweet adn soure sauce
egg fried rice

etc etc

its not the healthiest, but if you cook it at home, it makes it jsut that 'bit' healthier!!!

Like any cuisine, Chinese can be heathy or unhealthy. Use the Harvard guide to let you select the healthy choices:…

And avoid the Chinese restaurants that still use MSG.

You should try alternate between different asian meals. Maybe try some thai...

ask them to prepare it without MSG

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