what is the order of food in a 7 or 10 course meal?!

Question: What is the order of food in a 7 or 10 course meal?
I want to serve a meal for my family, who's coming down this easter, and I don't know what the order of food is in a 7 or 10 course meal?


Hi Holly. This is the normal order of courses in a formal meal (although of course you don't need to serve them all):

1. Canapes/appetizers served with an aperitif
2. Soup
3. Fish
4. A sorbet (or another palate cleanser)
5. Meat or poultry dish (main course)
6. Salad (often served with cheese)
7. Dessert
8. Crackers/bread with a cheese board
9. Coffee (with optional liqueurs).

There would normally be fresh bread and butter available all through the meal, and appropriate wines for each course. I believe in the States that you serve salad as a separate course. However, in the UK, they tend to serve it alongside the main course as a 'side salad'. I personally prefer this

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