What if some of the items you buy are not covered by food stamps?!

Question: What if some of the items you buy are not covered by food stamps?
what if you have a bunch of items on the counter for check out but not all are covered by your food stamp card? Do they ring up all the items and if some aren't covered you just have to pay for those items with a different tender?


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Hot foods, and foods designed to be eaten in the store are not covered. So no hot deli chicken for r example. Non food items such as toilet paper, dish washing soap, etc. is not covered even if needed for food prep. No medications even aspirin, no pet foods or diapers.

The other post was wrong, junk food IS covered, so potato chips and candy are covered by food stamps.

They will tell you how much is owed a after the food stamps are applied and you can pay the rest by any other way they accept.

You just have to pay for them afterwards..

When you buy a bunch of items together (like food & non-food), just swipe your food card FIRST, then the other non-food total will come up.

And you can pay that by cash or debit card, etc like usual. All in one bill.

the store's computer knows, and only applys the food stamps to certain items, and the cashier will ask for another form of payment for the other items.

Mostly only staple foods are covered, not junk food, etc. Everything will ring up and you will be told what was not covered and asked to pay for that separately.

things like supplemental teas are not

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