Where can you buy nutmeg?!

Question: Where can you buy nutmeg?
My friends and I are looking to buy nutmeg, is it available in normal grocery stores like sobeys or do you have to buy it in special places? Also do you have to be over 18 to buy it?


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Powdered nutmeg is in any grocery store, in the spice aisle.

If you want an actual nutmeg 'nut' that you grate yourself, you'll need to go to a high end store or boutique. Whole Foods might have it.

BTW, if you're thinking of trying to get high from nutmeg, it doesn't work. The amount of raw nutmeg you'd need to ingest will make you very sick, if not kill you outright. It'll also cost you a small fortune.

its in the spice aisle of every grocery store I have ever been in.
If you are attempting to get high, do a bit of research.
Everything I have EVER read about getting high with nut meg states that it is NOT a good high.

Just so you'll know, you will have to ~literally~ eat pounds of nutmeg to have anything happen, and that is only if it doesn't poison you first. Don't be stupid. Leave it for people who like to cook with it.

Nutmeg is found in the spice section of you local grocery store. Please do not hurt yourself or others.


grocery stores


Nutmeg is available at grocery stores either ground or whole.

Oh, and don't do drugs

how amusing.

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