You cant pick up a handful of soil & eat it, so how come you can eat vegetables grown from the soil?!

Question: You cant pick up a handful of soil & eat it, so how come you can eat vegetables grown from the soil?
surely it takes some of the bacteria & nasty stuff from soil (the reason why you cant eat soil pure) so what makes it ok for you to eat the soil grown foods?

Sorry to sound so dumb i just often wonder this! thanks


Imagine you had a big bucket of sand and sugar. You couldn't eat it as it is, could you? But if you added water you could filter out the sand and drink the water to get the sugar. In this way you are taking something you can't eat and using water to remove the goodness.

In a similar way a vegetable removes the nutrients and goodness from the soil, leaving the things you can't eat behind.

Plants take up nutrients from the soil and then you eat those nutrients when you eat the plants. The plants are selective. Some plants can take up material that they then convert into toxins. That makes those plants poisonous to us (and to insects and other animals). We only eat the plants that are nutritious.

It has to do with photosynthesis.

Soil is just very very tiny rocks which holds water and micronutrients for plants. Our bodies can't digest rocks.

The plant is what does the hard work by taking sunlight and converts carbon dioxide to starches and sugars which we can eat.

well, you can't eat a kettle either but you can eat what ever is cooked in it.
Same difference.
And who says you can't eat dirt?
I bet 99% of little kids alive today ate dirt at one point in time and nothing happened.

Because veggies are edible and soil is NOT....after you have washed your veggies is safe to eat them.......but you can NOT wash the soil clean...right?

I ate a cup of soil when I was like eight. Tasted good.

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