Why does fruit upset my stomach?!

Question: Why does fruit upset my stomach?
I have recently started weight watchers and find myself eating fruit all day long. However, a lot of the time I have an upset stomach and gas and I'm wondering if it could be related....if so, is there anything I can do about it? I enjoy fruit so much more than I do veggies!


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Fruit may be natural, but it still contains a terrific amount of sugar. Veggies are so good for you. If you are going to all the trouble of attending WW meetings and paying out the money, do yourself a huge favor and find some vegetables that you like to eat every day along with all that fruit. Any time you drastically change your diet, you are going to deal with excess gas and stomach grumbling. Make sure you are eating some complex carbs and lots of protein also. (been there, done that.)

Eating anything in excess is not good. So try to cut down on fruits and make sure beware of some fruits as it can give you upset stomach if you drink anything made of Milk like Tea, Coffee etc on top of it .. Thanks !!! Shaun

There are certain fruits where you cant eat in the morning. Usually watermelon & mango cant be eaten in the morning because it gives stomach ache

maybe because your stomach wasn't used to lots of fruit and when you went to eating it all the time your stomach didn't know how to digest it

Fruit is acidic, and it may be that your stomach's not used to digesting so much acid in one go.


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