What do you like on your FRIES?!?!

Question: What do you like on your FRIES?!?
I love mayo on mines!! Or chilli! But NOT together thats just nasty!


I like either mayo or sourcream with cheese or cheese alone or ketchup or vinegar or chili

I used to like just ketchup until I taught at an intermediate school. Now, I love a little ketchup with a big drop of mustard in the middle of it. Drag the fries through both and eat. I also like mayo with ketchup. Peach Salsa and Pineapple+Mango Salsa are both good, too. One of my absolute favorite dips for fries is the "ketchup" I get at Filipino stores. It's made from pineapples instead of tomatoes and it's deeee-lish.

Although it is far from a gourmet dish, cheese sauce, the kind they pump on, is great on fries. I have also had fries that were mixed with grilled onions and chopped hot green peppers that were called Brazilian fries (although I don't know if they were authentically from Brazil). I haven't had either of these in many years, so I'm satisfied with just plain ketchup on mine. I did know someone who actually liked to dip their fries in their cup of coffee!!

Ranch, sour cream, ketchup, mustard, ketchup and mustard mixed, stewed tomatoes, cheese, or dipped in a chocolate frosty.

Depends on my mood:

Fry sauce (mayo and ketchup)


Kethup and salt



chili And cheese

dipped in a chocoalte shake

sweet and sour sauce

there is only one way to eat fries (chips in Britain) and that is with salt and malt vinegar.

Tzatziki (Greek yogurt sauce with cucumbers and herbs) or blue cheese dressing.

gravy, pepper and ketchup.

>I love garlic fries! So garlic.

Carne asada fries...!!!!!

Depends on were there from,
dipped in any kind of shake
soy sauce
and juice

Apple cider vinegar, ketchup and salt...............

To die for!!!

I like Arby's sauce
and A1 steak sauce
also mayo


I personally like to add these to fries:
+chili and cheese

Try mixing up the mayo with ketchup. It's the best :)

salt and vinegar
curry sauce

Salt. Ketchup!!!
Salt and vinegar and extra cheese!!

Ketsup or Ranch Dressing

Vinegar and salt... I want some now!

I love dipping them in Thousand Island

Honey mustard or sweet and sour....

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