what is your Favorit ice cream?!

Question: What is your Favorit ice cream?

flavor: chocolate chip cookie dough
brand: ben and jerry's

Don't eat ice cream to often, but it has to be Ben and jerrys - cookie dough, baked Alaska, bohemian raspberry, strawberry cheesecake, fudge brownie....

Mmmmmmm.... I'm about to start drooling!! :D

Licorice I first tried it at Baskin Robbins years ago. Its a bit hard to find, but well worth it.
Try it you will like it.


Somewhere between vanilla and this yummy one I had on a vacation 2 years ago, wet paint.

cookies and cream but im 130 pounds overweight ice cream is probably the worst thing to eat if your on a diet

ate a lot of ice cream to gain all this weigft but fastfood sure did not help

peppermint without a doubt you know the one with crunchy chunks of candy peppermint swirled through the frozen glorp of goodness. yummmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!

my taste buds

My favorite Ice Cream is BUTTERSCOTCH..It's really yummy..!!

Stracciatella and Baskin Robin's chocolate icecream.

strawberry yum yum

my stomach

Chocolate chip mint and strawberry.

Noccio Gelato in Firenze, Italia.

Chocolate Peanut Butter..

Definly butter pecan

peanut butter and chocolate

none! i m on diet

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