I've eaten SO much junk food- Is my diet ruined?!

Question: I've eaten SO much junk food- Is my diet ruined?
I've been on a diet for the past 3 weeks (or at least, I was, before yesterday) and it was working SO well. I would not eat bread, pasta or sugar all through the week, except on Fridays I would allow myself a treat.

Well, yesterday was Friday. And my "treat" turned out to be a LARGE cheese and mushroom hamburger from Gaucho Grill (a meat restaurant), PinkBerry frozen yogurt with crushed oreos, and then chocolate and peanutbutter CAKE my mom made for guests.

After eating that I felt TERRIBLE. I promised myself that I would get back on my diet.


I just had three different cheese dips with Ritz crackers, more peanut butter and chocolate cake, peanut butter and chocolate PUDDING with WHIP CREAM, and a diet pepsi.

I feel like jumping out the window. I've lost 5 pounds. Am I going to gain it back? I feel disgusting and fat and like all my efforts were wasted. What can I do? Is my diet ruined?


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Your diet is not ruined. The next day, just make sure to do some exercise. Exercise is panecea for all disease and it costs nothing. If your diet is heavy tomorrow you do more exercise.

So yesterday u ruined your diet on friday, and this morning wen u woke up you pigged out and ate leftovers, No you wont gain any Fat pounds, You overate for 2 days, i reallt dont think you gained weight, Try agian and dont mess up, theres always next time.

Your diet is not ruined. The next day, just make sure to do some exercise. When your on a diet, it doesn't mean that you can only have one "treat" you can have more, but just for that one day. For the other days just make sure to do exercise and eat healthy. :)

No it's not ruined, just a set back.

There are two ways to look at it, Either eat a little of it whenever, or pig out once in awhile.

no your diet is not ruined, you just need to eat the right foods. Canadian`s food guide would help you and exercise, but dont be hard on yourself, good luck

Dandoon, Unfortunately your diet is completely ruined.

keep going on the diet, it was just one time and anyway don't get too overbored with this diet thing

eat organic foods and drinks

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