Is it possible to CHANGE your taste in food and "like" vegetables/fruit someday?!

Question: Is it possible to CHANGE your taste in food and "like" vegetables/fruit someday?
I REALLY want to become to a vegetarian but the problem is, I HATE most vegetables and all of fruits (expect banana). I hate salad but I wish I liked salad because it's healthy. I only like green beans, mashed potato, corn and that's probably all I like. I only like food that is bad for us (greasy food such as burgers, pizza, french fries, bacon, junk food). If I eat something I hate, I GAG. I'm tired all the time so that's probably because I don't eat correctly. So, my questions are, how do I FORCE myself eat all the vegetables without gagging? Is it possible to make myself "love" the taste of vegetables/fruits someday? Any help will be greatly appreciated!!


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It's called getting older.

As you get older, your sense of taste actually changes (and this is closely tied to your sense of smell, but not only tied to your sense of smell). Ever wondered why kids gleefully eat the most sweet stuff imaginable? Remember when you could wolf down a whole cotton candy in a few minutes? You probably can't do that now - you'll likely get slightly queasy.

So, even though it is difficult and perhaps impossible to influence this process, you can also habituate yourself to tastes. People from countries with hot cuisine aren't born with a higher tolerance for spicy food than others - they are habituated to the taste and effect of spicy food.

Start with something simple, like a pear or a carrot. You don't have to finish it all in one go - just take a reasonably sized bite, chew it properly, and swallow it. Drink some water if you have to. Just keep at it - you'll habituate yourself to eating various food items in no time.

Personally, I don't like much in the way of fish if it hasn't been fried, so ... there you go.

I used to hate all leafy vegetables like salad as well, so instead of forcing yourself to eat salad by itself, start by adding sauces which you like, such as vinegar or salad dressing. They taste MUCH better with sauce and are still much healthier than junk food.
As for fruit, there are LOADS of different types of fruit and you probably haven't tried all of them. There are loads of different berries, melons, exotic fruit, etc, try all of them and you'll probably find you like more than just bananas. I personally adore grapes and oranges!

The answer is quite sophmoric, yet the solution is expensive. Taste is allocated by how one's tastbud pattern interacts with the food. This pattern on one's tongue determines how one interpretes taste. The is a practice of re allocating taste bud pattern through means of a laser, though it is an expensive and unorthadox surgury. Sometimes it can make you lose your sense of taste, but it has been know to work.

Currently in college for medical degree, personal research and intuitiveness.

Many turn to vegan or vegetarian diet not for the taste but for the purported health benefits.

You can try juicing the vegetables together with fruits and add some cider vinegar and honey and these combination will be easier to swallow.

Over time, you will learn to appreciate the taste or vegetables and fruits.

You can certainly alter your taste to accept different foods over time. I did it with vegetables like spinach and cabbage.

It might actually be a case of needing to 'untrain' your tastebuds to like sweet stuff: vegetables and fruit are very natural to us.

You could always start with 'easy' vegetables like peas or carrots, which are naturally sweeter. Make sure you buy them fresh and cook them simply.

Personal experience.

Yes it is possible to like vegetables. The best thing would be to change your diet gradually and start eating little bits of vegetables with the food you eat so for example next time you have a pizza or something like that put some tomatoes or lettuce with it and eat them together. You will eventually get used toi the taste.

yeah, you can retrain your palate.
but, you kinda have to do it through exposure. It takes about two weeks to get used to/ like a new flavour. Just keep eating it, and you'll start to like it.
It's like how kids of different ethnicities like different flavours, like spices or herbs.
Introduce it slowly, and if you can, incorperate it into your meals.

Retrained myself to like beer :)

Yes, the taste will change gradually,
I would suggest introducing slowly and gradually vegetables in your diet and then increase the amount while decreasing the amount of the other parts, like eating smaller burgers.

also, have you ever tried Greek salad, or Ceasar's salad. That stuff is really tasty

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