Should refined white sugar be classified as a public health hazard --- a sweet poison?!

Question: Should refined white sugar be classified as a public health hazard --- a sweet poison?



Nutritionists have always been telling people to avoid 'whites'...or use them in white sugar, white flour, white rice....and other processed food items to maintain good health.

But this article can spread panic...which isn't justified, IMHO!

Anyway, statutory warnings on Cigarette packets haven't really stopped addicts from smoking. So....?

yes lets

because we really need something else we cannot eat

eggs are out because of the salmonella, ditto chicken
meat is out because of mad cow disease
fruit & veg are almost toxic because of pesticides

lets all die a healthy death of starvation

people KNOW sugar isnt brilliant for you
but its getting ridiculous

i actually grow my own fruit & veg organically
i do everything i can to maintain a healthy lifestyle
but there has to be a cut off point
and declaring sugar a health hazard is it for me i'm afraid
if people dont know it isnt good for you
then let them enjoy it in peace

LOL you should read up on GMOs, MSG(hydrolyzed protein), Aspartame, Soy, Fluoride, etc etc.
There are worse things than sugar. At least sugar is "real". Refined but real.

i think a tiny bit is okay, but it seems to be in so many processed foods!!!!
i like brown sugar or honey :)

It's a drug. A plant alkaloid similar to cocaine.

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