My roommate keeps eating my food...?!

Question: My roommate keeps eating my food...?
I life in a residence unit with 3 other girls. One of the girls I live with keeps asking for food or juice, and really puts me in an awkward position, like asking me when she has company over. She says she will replace it, but all she's doing is mooching. She doesn't have any food in the unit because she's supposed to be on a meal plan... I'm having a hard enough time paying my bills as it is, and it's frustrating when she plays the "cute card" and asks ever so nicely for some food, or a piece of bread, or an entire can of frozen juice here and there...

I hate confrontation, and I feel like I'm being too nice here, but I'm even the oldest out of everyone here, and I feel like I'm totally being taken advantage I don't know what the best way for me to deal with this is..... any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


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Confrontation sucks, but you seriously need to talk to this girl. Sit down with her sometime when she doesn't have company over and tell her that you're on a strict budget and can't afford to let her have any of your food anymore. Maybe remind her that she's on a meal plan and can use that to get food. If she keeps taking your food, can you lock it up somehow? At the very least, you could probably keep non-perishables in your room or something.

Tell her in a 'joking casual' way to back off your food. Say 'come on! You've had enough of my food. Time to buy some of your own or else I'll go bankrupt!' If she ever asks for a drink point her in the direction towards the tap. Water is better than juice for you afterall.

It's yours and you paid for it! She knows you're being weak and she's walking all over you, it's time to take a stand girl!! Tell her your frustrations.

You must say, sorry no, not tonight,can't do it,

Tell her dear...I'm only feeding myself from now on, that's what I can afford. If you continue to give her food,your getting a pay off somewhere like Dr Phil says!

OOOOOOHHHH i hate that lol. well you should probably just tell them how you feel and stress your point and get it over with. They may be mad but you'll have to get that settled.


Lick all of your food in front of her before you put it in the fridge. Or just tell her that you don't except IOUs it's cash up front. Final option is not storing food in your room.

Buy thr crapiest cheapest stuff you can and leave that exposed for her. Otherwise get the little fridge and put your good stuff in and place a lock on it!

Kick her ***!

I'm not even kidding. I've sent a lot of kids to college and this is a good idea.

You have to be forthright, it's not about being nice it's TCOB Taking Care Of Business. Every time she asks for food it's like asking for money, I hope you don't give out $20's very often just because people ask. She has her meal plan and will not go hungry. If you can't stand the thought of being a miser, do this, every weekend buy a half gallon of ice cream and share it, that's like $3.50 or something. Assertiveness, it's your right, and duty to take care of your self. As the oldest you feel a responsibilty to the less experienced, the biggest lesson you can teach them is to 'get real'

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