I have an expired roast... How sick would I get from eating it?!

Question: I have an expired roast... How sick would I get from eating it?
Okay, so Friday morning, I took the roast out of the freezer to thaw, because I planned on cooking that night. I was too busy Friday night, so I didn't get to cook it. Then, I was too busy Saturday and I didn't get to cook it. Now, it is Sunday afternoon, and I finally have time to cook it. hahaha It's been in the fridge since Friday (I didn't refreeze it, because I know that's bad) .. But, I looked at the expiry date and it says it expired on Thursday. It's been in the fridge the entire time, so I was wondering if it's too old to eat? Should I just dump it?

Thanks in advance! :)


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Don't get you panties in a wad, It is perfectly safe. When you took it out of the freezer, it will take at least two days to thaw in the fridge to start with. Chances are microscopic that there is any bacteria at all, and if there is it is only on the outside of the meat. When you cook it, all you need is 30 seconds at 140 degrees and the bacteria is dead. I've been cooking for my whole life, professionally for the last 20 years, and am food handling certified.


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If your fridge is below 40 degrees F, It's fine.

The time that is spent in deep-freeze is "deducted" from the expiration date. Bacteria can't replicate (and in some cases will die), so you have a sort of 'suspended animation'.

Properly refrigerated, you are well within safe limits!

Best wishes!

You might want to dump it, because the bacteria has had a lot of time to grow and reproduce, so it seems a little risk-ay.

If it smells sour, pitch it. Even if the color has changed from red to brown, as long as it smells OK, cook it completely and enjoy it. If you have ANY doubt, throw it away.

Chances are you would get sick, but if it had been left in the freezer until the day you could cook it, it would be safe.

when in doubt throw it out. better to be safe than sorry.

personal experiance

trust your nose. if it smells funky, chuck it


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