Help me! Quick! Meat Problem!?!

Question: Help me! Quick! Meat Problem!?
I ate some bacon my Dad made just to be nice. When I was throwing away the plate I found the wrapper, it expired in November 2009! Its been in the freezer but I'm worried. How sick will I get?!


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Your dad is still

I'm sure I have things in my freezer that show *past* the expiration date, but I put it in there long before it got too old to feed to my family...

You're okay.. : )

Not sick at all.

First, good bacon is 'cured', that is soaked in a salty solution that is absolute death for bacteria. Dry cured bacon can be hung in a cool, dry place without any refrigeration at all and will not 'turn' for a very long time!

Second, the time it spent in the freezer is "suspended animation". Deduct that amount of time from the age of the bacon and you'll have a much better feeling about your health!

You're good. Promise!

Best wishes!

if you posted this one hour ago you would know by now. if you are well still, you'll be fine. the bacon would look wrong and smell even worse if it was foul, so i doubt it would have made it to the plate if it was off.


its not good at all to eat something that expired on 2009 especially meat its two years dont worrry if u ate it unless you experience any side effects...but ask your dad why would he give you bacon that old :0

As long as it stayed frozen and had been frozen prior to its expiration date, you're fine.

Its been in the freezer, which will preserve it, so you should be fine :)

If it was in the freezer it should be o.k.

Take some Oinkment and you will be fine,ya silly swine!!

i think it should be okay

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