Is it illegal to eat a bird?!

Question: Is it illegal to eat a bird?
I was wondering if it is legal to eat birds such as Blue jays and stuff like that? Like common birds around a house. And if so is it safe to eat one? I don't want to hear a bunch of vegetarians saying how its bad to eat meat. Just answer my 2 questions please!(:


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As long as its not your states bird its legal however if it is your state bird you could get a huge fine or even end up in federal prison depending on the state you live in its completely safe to eat you just have to cook it all the way through.

i don't think it's illegal but why would you want to? vegetarians don't know what they are talking about. meat provides protein and iron which is very necessary and those animals were put here for us to eat otherwise there would be an over population. It would be safe to eat one unless it was diseased. but again why would you want to?

in some places doves (mourning doves ) pheasant, quail , partridge , grouse and others are sporting ( Hunting ) game and many are quite tasty.... the smaller birds usually only the breast is used

YUCK don't they have bugs like mites or fleas they aren't like duck plus they are common birds not food birds they have no meat on them.

As long as you don't remove the feathers, its legal.


I ate duck!

I don't think it's illegal but don't eat the birds!go buy chicken or something....

I'm sure its not illegal. people eat all kinds of things

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