Does anyone ever feel like..?!

Question: Does anyone ever feel like..?
They're really hungry or really full after they finish eating a little? It happens to me a lot lol. Ill be kinda starving before I eat, and after I eat a little, I get a weird feeling in stomach. I can't tell if I'm full already, or if I'm more hungry than I was before I ate.


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Unfortunately it takes a few minutes for your brain to realize you're FULL - and inform other parts of the brain and body to STOP eating.

Too bad because lots of us can really overeat in the time it takes for the satiety part of the brain to get with the program and tell you that you've had enough.

Then there's the HUGE FAT people!! And apparently they never get this - and they can just eat all the time - no matter whether they're full or not.

You also have to realize that overeating is a survival strategy. For 99.999% of our time on this planet, we lived in caves - and one extra bite of food (whether you were hungry or not) might mean the difference between living and dying of starvation later on. So we're well programed to get and eat as much food as our mouth will fit around.

I get the same feeling.

all the time



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