2 pot brownies what should i expeCt?!

Question: 2 pot brownies what should i expeCt?
if i ate 2 pot brownies what effects would i expeCt to get


It depends on how they were made and how much is in them. Could have no effect at all, or they could paralyze you for a few hours. The latter is no fun at all, but it won't kill you.

The only way to tell is to test them, or know somebody that has eaten out of this particular batch. If you bought them from a stranger, they should have told you how much to take.

If there is no way of knowing, I would try out a little bit on an empty stomach, and wait an hour and a half. If you still want more, it will be there.

It depends but if there strong expect to trip the f**k out. if there real strong ur usualy only supposed to eat half

Your just gonna get high. But the high it is a little bit different than smoking. But no worries. Your fine. Gimme some!

Depends on you. How you observe cookies.


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