Why don't they put toys in cereal boxes any more?!

Question: Why don't they put toys in cereal boxes any more?
When I was a kid, we used to get so many cool toys or gadgets. They should really start again, they could sell more cereals that way.


Because unlike your generation, our generation would eat the toys instead of the cereal
Did we get dumber?

I also think it has to do with the economy. Instead of going through the trouble of making something to go into the bottom of the bag they'd rather just print a coupon on the box at most. I remember when they did CDs for a while, I guess that was cheaper than having to manufacture a bunch of toys.

Because the economy. Cereal companies would rather spend their money on bright colored boxes than on prizes inside. I too remember most named brand cereals that were aimed at kids always had a toy in them. The giant Cheerio boxes now have paperback mimi books in them.

the liklihood of swallowing them is to big a risk --- lots of toys get banned --- even at xmas --- for the very same reason --- sad --- but thats how it is in todays world --- good luck

it's dangerous and someone might die from swallowing it. it would also cause trouble for the company

They were cheaply made and dangerous to children who would swallow small parts.*

the cereal companies become greedy haha

cost cutting, they probably put less cereal in the box to

probably because most are cheap and some people do not like them. They break easily!

because some idiot will swallow one, and sue the company

toys in cereal boxes = more fat kids.
come on people we're dowwwning the rate of obesity.

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