Why wont my whipped cream (from scratch [heavy]) never taste like it does on bakery cakes?!

Question: Why wont my whipped cream (from scratch [heavy]) never taste like it does on bakery cakes?
i generally just beat some heavy cream, a little bit of sugar, and sometimes a teaspoon or so of vanilla................... why doesn't it taste like bakery cake cream?


Probably because it isn't stabelized. Here's a recipe I found on line.


If you're referring to the whipped topping commercial bakeries use to frost their cakes, it's because most of them use a non-dairy whipped topping. I don't think the ingredients are readily available in any grocery store, but some Wal-Mart Supercenters or Sam's Club stores will sell it to you. I personally like the taste of fresh whipped cream over the non-dairy stuff. :)

If you made it from scratch it should taste differently then store bought, sugar and whipping cream should help with the flavoring and thickness.

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