Will eating raw ground beef kill me?!

Question: Will eating raw ground beef kill me?
People eat rare and medium rare steaks. Ground beef is from the same animal. My meatloaf didn't get cooked all the way through and my fiance and I ate some of it a few days ago. But we are fine.


Maybe. Maybe not. The board of health in my municipality ran a survey of raw ground beef and cooked hamburgers here and found a huge variation in the amount of E. coli bacteria. Chances are that a hefty dose of contaminated ground beef would not kill you. You might wish you were dead, though.

No. Steak tartare is raw ground or minced beef, is very good, and people have been eating it for a long time with no adverse health effects. however, you should always observe cleanliness, as raw meat has the ability more than other foods to contain contaminants which can harm you, such as bacteria & parasites.

It is COMPLETELY fine. (don't become vegan,like he said, meats tasty) eating completely raw meat, is mostly fine,just you may be worried that there might be some bacteria in it. I bet the meatloaf was good :D

Eating raw beef doesn't hurt. In fact, in many cultures, it is a traditional thing! I like eating raw beef, with bulgur and parsley mixed in and EVOO on top.

Be Vegan. Save lives.

You answered your own question you ate it a few days ago but you are fine.

You did WHAT?!?!?!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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