Selling home made cake?!

Question: Selling home made cake?
We are having a garage sale this weekend and I happen to make a pretty good lemon cream cake. So I was pondering that I could make a bunch of it and sell it by the piece at my garage sale. Would that be ok or are there any health regulations of some sort that would prohibit me of it??
I live in VA!


churches, schools and charitable organizations all have "bake sales," and even little kids open up lemonade stands in their neighborhoods. its not illegal for them so it wont be a problem for you. it becomes a problem if you want to open up a store (or a stand) and sell food on a regular basis as a viable source of income. then you would need all kinds of operating licenses and permits and health inspection certificates to prove what you're selling meets health code standards and is safe for the public to consume. in your case (as in bake sales, etc.) its not a regular "business" and the money you'll make would be minor (as far as the IRS is concerned). so don't worry. on the positive side, just make your cakes and have fun. on the negative side, you better hope no one gets sick eating your cake, or there could be big problems.

If they can shut down a child's lemon aid stand then I would imagine there are probably regulations against it, I would do it anyways. It would take a real douche bag to come shut something like that down. I just wouldnt advertise it.

No whhy would there be any? id defiantly buy that cake. Its a great idea to make a little extra money. Worst comes to worst you and you dont sell alot you can eat it!!! :) I wish you good luck

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