Is it ok for me to drink an energy drink?!

Question: Is it ok for me to drink an energy drink?
I've never had an energy drink before, well I've had vault but I dont count that as an energy drink... Im thirteen and I'm not going to drink alot I just want to have one can of Monster. Im sort of scared becuase before I mixed soda with two energy drinks and drank it and my parents told me my heart or brain could explode??? I think they were just trying to scare me, but just in case... Im not going to keep drinking them everyday, like I said I just want to try it once and see what its like.


HAHAHA nah, your heart and or brain will not explode. lolll. no. dont believe that. at all. no. never.
monster is good.. i started drinking it before i was 13. so go ahead. drink it. its delicious. (:

Not so terrible. Energy drinks are very popular drink, but you are only 13 years old, if you do want to drink, you must select those natural energy drinks, and pay attention to whether the beverage is suitable for minors to use. Wrong drink is bad for your body and health.

You're certainly not going to explode, but they're definitely not good for you. They're full of sugar, and after a while, they're going to do terrible things to your body. It's like a toxin, really.

In the end, you really shouldn't have one.

I don't know it would depend on how your body responds to such things. I know for me, I stopped drinking vault (my first and last energy drink) because it made my heart beat faster,or at least I think that's what it's did.

It's not for us to do your thinking for you or tell you if it is right or wrong.
At 13 you should be intelligent enough to decide for yourself.

Yes off course its ok to drink an energy drink.

energy drinks contain more caffeine then ur body can handle

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