Where is the black forest that this ham comes from?!

Question: Where is the black forest that this ham comes from?
So I work in a restaurant and we have something called Black Forest ham...and anyhow I was wondering where this forest is? Is it like a forest with pigs? If customers ask me where our food comes from, all i can tell them is the black forest....and idk where it is.


The Black Forest is in Germany. Google it. Yes, I'm sure there are pigs there. Wild boar, actually. They're in most forested areas in Germany.

I'm pretty sure Black Forest is the name of the rub they put one before they cook it. And if you don't know what a rub is, it's when you put seasoning on some meat rub it in let it sit overnite (refridgerated of course) then cook it and whala!

cooking experience.

Black forest ham comes from German .It isn't like a forest with pigs , it is a food of
traditional luncheon meat.

heres a link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Black_Fores…

From the magic forest of black pigs. Last I checked it was called South Central Los Angeles.

its just ham. iceberg lettuce doesn't come from icebergs either

right next to the black forrest cake....its in Germany

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