Can I eat bread thats 2 years old but its been in the freezer and doesnt have mold?!

Question: Can I eat bread thats 2 years old but its been in the freezer and doesnt have mold?

you can eat anything you want

common sense

There's a big difference between keeping food in the freezer section of a refrigerator and keeping food in a deep freezer. The deep freezer will keep food safely frozen much longer, mainly because the door is not constantly being opened and the temperature can remain constant. However, after 2 years I don't think the bread would be good in either scenario.

If you warm it up and it still feels ok, then yes, it should be safe to eat. Don't be surprised if it's freezer-burned, though.

It'll be fine to eat, but after that long in the freezer its texture will not be great and it will have lost a great deal of its flavour & nutritional value.

Bread is like 2 dollars, go get some new bread. If you don't got the money give me your address ill send it to you.

Quit being cheap!

well you can but its most likely you will get sick

ah uhmm you can eat it...but you probably wont get any flavour

if u wanna puke yeah just the other day i make a drink that made me puke so dont be suprised if u puke

Go to the store and buy new bread lazy.

sure u can eat it but you might not like it and u might get sick

heat it up and if its like moldy bin it but if it was frozen it might be aright

the **** ? why would you even want to......

ew no

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