Recovering from stomach flu, a good light food to eat?!

Question: Recovering from stomach flu, a good light food to eat?
I couldn't even keep water down yesterday, but could today and I think I'm ready to eat again. What food is god and light for me to eat?


the plainer the better for now I'd say: plain toast, plain pasta, plain rice, if you feel up to it try a simple soup, soda crakers, feel better soon…

Don't eat anything greasy, or it'll come out again. Eat plain toast for now, or a plain baked potato.

Have soup to see if you can keep it down, like chicken noodle soup or vegetable some that you really like.*

Yeah, try just having some plain toast, and if that goes well, a soup with a fairly clear broth, like chicken noodle. I hope you recover soon! :) And stay far away from greasy stuff!

Soup is always a great choice for recovery.

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