How many eggs is too many?!

Question: How many eggs is too many?
Since being pregnant I've only craved eggs. Well, I have 3 eggs for breakfast about 5-6 times per week. Is this bad?


If you're pregnant, I say eat what it is that you want, especially considering that eggs are minimally processed with no strange chemicals. Eggs are quite high in protein and they are a complete protein, which is necessary for the growth of your child. They yolks are high in fat, as compared to the white, but fat is not inherently bad as part of an otherwise balanced diet; it adds to feelings of 'fullness' and will prevent you from becoming hungry, like you would be if you ate just carbohydrates. Try having whole-wheat bread, (not whole-grain, as that's usually just a marketing ploy) and you'll have a fairly balanced meal. Don't forget about fruits and vegetables though; ever heard that one?? Smile!

Oh, and if you're worried about fat/cholesterol, just have a few yolks with your whites! Also, exercise can help to lower cholesterol levels. For now, you're fine.…

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Basically eggs are fine for you if your cholesterol is normal. If high, limit to 4 eggs per week. However 18 eggs a week means that you aren't consuming other things at breakfast il.e fibre from wholegrain cereals. Perhaps have 1-2 eggs 5-6 times per week but also include wholegrain toast or cereal for carbohydrates and fibre just for a bit more of a "balanced" approach!


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In my own humble opinion its not going to kill you or the baby and it does contain nutrients; if you are prone to cholesteral maybe take two yolks out and just have one yolk a day save the yolks for recipes such as custard, which call for only yolks, (you could freeze the yolks and save them for a special treat some other time, could also use them in all yolk cake recipes). Even maybe cook like three or four whites whites and one whole egg, to make up for the yolks taken out. Generally, you should have about four eggs a week or a little more, but I think one egg yolk a day if fine and you are pregnant, so craivings often mean you are in need of nutrients. You might need iron and zinc, which you could also get from lentils, meat (but if you dont eat meat then eating more eggs is probably fine cause you are not getting much fat and the iron from meat) spinnach and other beans, milk and other dairy. I think one egg and some fruits with some whole grain bread is ideal, maybe add some cheese to make it more filling, have some whole milk yogurt (good sourse of calcium and plain whole milk yogurt is filling) on the side for more fat and nutrients. Of course once your baby is born I'm sure you could go back on track anyhow. Also, as somebody else said, you need other stuff for breakfast, with fiber and other nutrients, you dont want any deficiencies and lack of fiber and too much high protine and fat food could cause constipation which I would imagian would not be fun during pregnacy. Maybe try having one broiled or scrambled egg with maybe some cheese (I like soft broiled but some people today are afraid especially during pregnacy) some fruit salad or a piece of fruit or some plain whole milk yogurt with from and maybe a bit of sugar and a piece of whole wheet toast as I said with maybe some peanut butter for extra protine or a little butter. Just remember cravings are often a need for nutrients so make sure you are eating a enough vegetalbles fruits and eat a variety of things from a variety of food groups not just one thing. But remember, as I said before, constipation could be the cause of too many eggs and not enough fiber, so watch that.

common knowlege and opinion as well as information that I have read throughout the years

Craving eggs is more healthy than some of the others that I've heard of.

A friend craved the olive water that green olives are packed in.

I ate hot fudge sundaes nearly every day for 6 months. (and still stayed in the weight guidelines)

I would say it was too many.
To be sure check with your doctor.

Your fine, congrats on the pregnancy!=]

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