Will i get food poising?!

Question: Will i get food poising?
i opened a jar of bread and butter pickles, and after eating a few i noticed they expired august 23, 2010. I haven't been feeling well since i ate them, like my stomachs been hurting, should i be worried?


you will be fine. my mom has a store and we always sell pickles that are expired,

we have a food inspector to tell us what is wrong. and he never pointed that out :) <3 i hope i helped...

don't worrrrrryyyy :D u'll be fine i swear. i've ated pickles taht have expired in 2010.. i'm not dead. yet.

it takes 24 hour to get food poising so if you just ate them and feel weird its all in your head however if tommorow you throw up go to the hospital i had food poising once waited to long and almost died but yeah its probably just in your head

Unfortunately for thee world, no- you will not get food poisoning. Pickles will last a very long time, well past their expiration date, what you are feeling is a psychosomatic reaction- its all in your head. Get over yourself....

Noticing the date probably got you thinking about it, then you subconsciously mad yourself feel ill. It's likely all in your head.

you are ok, pickles keep a long ,,long time. If they were spoiled, you would have known it by the smell, or texture (they would be slimy )


I think you will be O.K. do you have diarrhoea or vomiting ( food Poisoning).
If you are really concerned call your Doctor.

The chances are VERY likley, call the hospital or your poison control center.

I wish you well. : )

Take a aspirin quick! That will take it away. Its fine. You dont have to worry, you will be just fine(;

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