which is healthier, goat cheese or cream cheese?!

Question: Which is healthier, goat cheese or cream cheese?
recently, i discovered goat cheese<3 wooo amazing stuff!! anyyyways, i heard that goat milk has less fat than cow, so i was wondering if i should switch over for the health benefits :p cost doesn't matter, (love them coupons!) so answer away! :D thanks!


Goat cheese is mouch better for you, as is goats milk

Rest manager/owner 30 yrs

How do you calculate your health - - what difference will it make
You have already decided the Goat cheese is delicious - I agree but I still buy Kraft American because it make toasted cheese sammies ? and add it to my mac/n/cheese
Healthier - B S ! - delicious
Remember inside your body "IT" decides what 'you' NEED and dumps the rest
why the stress - - enjoy life
millions of years humans did without nutritional labels no numbers - - but in less than a 1000 everyone is worried about numbers or some printed words wasted $ $ - time

both in moderation are very good foods.

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