How much does the cheapest Automobile insurance cost?!

Question: How much does the cheapest Automobile insurance cost?
I know there are discounts for some things, like I have a gpa higher than 3.0, I have never had a ticket or accident, and I am female. I also understand red cars have higher insurance rates than others, and I am trying to find a price range so I know whether if I can afford this car according to the insurance.


If you want to find your best auto insurance rate, try this site

Here you can get quotes from all auto insurance companies in your area. Its the best way to find an affordable auto insurance with a reliable company.

I would love to help you, but I am browsing in the Food and Drink category of Y! answers, This question might get a better answer in the car/insurance category.

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Depends on what type of car how much coverage you want and amount of deductible. you can go online to almost all insurance company's and get free quotes

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