My cool whip, or ready whip or what ever... ITS IN A SPRAY CAN THINGY!!?!

Question: My cool whip, or ready whip or what ever... ITS IN A SPRAY CAN THINGY!!?

anyway, my cool whipe.. it says ready whip, but that confuzes me =/.... well, you put it onto of icecream, i know that.....

well, its all runny. It was cold out, and when we got in i put it in the fridge. so it cant be because of the heat... the first time it worked perfectly, but after that, it started to get runny. (i already drank the whole thing ;) {it was CHOCOLATE})..... okay... well... i did everything the directions say, i shook it before i used it, i held it upside down and everything, but it came out runny.....

WTF!! I would like to know what the hell happened to it so it wont happen again ;(


Redi Whip, cool whip, just different brand names for the same thing.
If ti was too cold out, the nitrogen inside would not have activated properly. Some cans state not to shake them, some do. It does happen sometimes during the manufacturing process not enough gas is injected
Return it to the store and they will give you a new one

someone huffed all the nitrous out in the grocery store thus leaving the cream liquid. the whip effect is from the nitrous mixing in with it. should return it for another one but you drank it.


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