Is is weird if i like eating potatoes in ice cream?!

Question: Is is weird if i like eating potatoes in ice cream?
I just think it tastes amazing and healthy. All my friends think im weird. Does this sound weird? I've been eating like this for 6 years now lol.


It sounds super weird to me. Something I like that may be weird to you is to top a piece of warm chocolate cake with a table spoon of sour cream.

I guess we all have our quirks!

Well, it isn't a traditional way of eating potatoes or ice cream but, if you like it, who does it hurt. It all goes to the same place anyway so if you eat your dessert combined with your dinner, good for you! Enjoy eating the things that make you happy!

Potato ice cream…

you invented a new favor for ice cream, people have been putting cream in mash potato's for year to make it smooth an fluffy

Not weird, but hopefully the potatoes are cooked.

Well it may sound weird to people who have never tried it, but if you like it, go for it! (:

Of course! maybe try ice cream in potatoes! READ THE MANUAL!

No, in fact that sounds pretty tasty. Now whats weird is that Bacon Ice Cream I keep seeing around.

yes it is weird however I think we all eat weird combos as well. I like peas in my mashed potatoes n gravy.

It does sound weird, but I like to dip french fries into my Wendy's Frosty. So maybe not.

not really its your opinion

nope. there are some organic shops offering garlic..:) so you're still normal.:)

no its very common

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