What type of fruit was the forbidden fruit?!

Question: What type of fruit was the forbidden fruit?
In the Book of Genesis, it's written that Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden. It does not say it was an apple. Was it an apple or some other kind of fruit? Judaism teaches that the fruit may have been grapes, figs, wheat, or citrons. Some researchers have said it was a pomegranate. Could the forbidden fruit have meant something other than an actual fruit or one that is no longer around today?


Ripe Persimmon maybe
It would have to be a fruit that grows on a tree and not a vine,bush or stalk.

Just like everything else in the Bible, this isn't meant to be taken literally, but rather as a representation of temptation. The type of fruit it was is insignificant, it's the symbolism of the fruit itself. In an historical context, think about what fruit meant for a desert-dwelling people. It was life itself, sweet, juicy, full of water, and sweetness. It was a treat, a temptation of indulgence.

However speaking of common fruits in the area, the likeliest candidates would be grapes, pomegranates dates or figs.

Let's face it. If the Bible doesn't say what kind of fruit it was, then no one can know. Period. There were no media back then to televise the event, and there were no reporters to report the event. There really even weren't any scribes to record the event. Only after the fact do we hear about what happened, and that scribe didn't care to inform us. So no one really can say. But my vote is for an apple. Sweet and tasty, enticing, hangs from a tree, can be shared by two. It's probably because of the apple's participation in this evil plot that it has cyanide seeds today.

I would guess something that is indigenous to the region and has been around for quite awhile. Pomegranate is my best guess with figs second. My other guess are dates.


The bible doesn't say. It's not meant to be taken literally. But the biggest candidate (considering description and likely geographical location) it was probably a pomegranate.

It is supposedly the apple.


It was an apple.

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