What was the last piece of fruit you ate?!

Question: What was the last piece of fruit you ate?
BQ Papaya - Yay Or Nay


well it was orange,apple,banana, strawberries and grapes it was a fruit salad :D

BQ: yay!!!! :)

I really had to think back for this question I had a strawberry smoothie 2 days ago which wasnt that great i think it was because their out of season. Thinking about it now that's really bad I should have fruit everyday I'm going to make a apple and banana smoothie thanks

BBQ papaya sounds a bit gross but I love beacon and jam together whatever flouts your boat doll

Blueberries in a blueberry muffin.
BQ- Nay, unless it's in a smoothie with other fruits.

the last fruit that i ate was half an apple
and i think that by looking at your stomach deos not mean that you are the hottest thing who ever answered that supid thing

Nope I don't like Papaya very much.

The last piece of fruit I ate....was a fruit salad. It had strawberries, pineapple, blueberries and raspberries in it.

Hope this helps(:

Probably some avocado in a salad or with a Sunday breakfast last year sometime. I honestly can't remember.


Not really.

Strawberries and cherries(:

Yuu are hot . From yuur avatar ,


A piece of tangerine was the last piece of fruit I ate.

A very juicy and sweet orange.

BQ: Yay

I haven't had it, but it sounds yay.

And I had some melon :-)

papaya = alright.
i had a MANGO!

An Orange
Yay to papaya

A clementine

BQ: never had it

The last fruit i ate was a banana, with peanut butter :)

An orange slice in my Blue Moon Pale Ale! :)


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