What flavour would you create for Ben and Jerry's?!

Question: What flavour would you create for Ben and Jerry's?
They have a suggest-a-flavor page.

Ice cream- flavour

Please describe. Mine was Iraqi Road- a hazelnut ice cream ( to mimic the sand)
filled with pretzel pieces ( broken limbs) and marshmellow pieces ( the blown out brains) and a raspberry swirl ( the blood), with chocolate chunks ( hand grenades ) and fudge pieces (IED's).
At the bottom a large chunks of brownie cake ( exploded tank).

( I am serious)


Caramel Ice cream with a fudge ribbon swirl, crushed oreo cookies, and little chunks of caramel filled chocolate candies.

I guess I would call it - Dirty Dreams? Idk, not great on the naming part >.<

You're a disturbed individual. I'm not that familiar with Ben & Jerry's since most of the stores don't stock it here (we are home to the Blue Bell factory lol) but if they don't already have it I'd suggest a green tea flavor, maybe with mandarin oranges in it.

i agree about you being disturbed, but if I were offered to invent a taste for ice cream it would be hazelnut liqueur flavored (like Frangelico).

Kindergarden Flashback
Raspberry icecream with peanut butter swirled into it!

To represent a Peanut Butter a Jelly sandwich

Ice cream- Banana
Topping-Chocolate syrup shell
chunks- crumbs of a butterfinger bar

Sounds good right?

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